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Google published on its blog, this Thursday (27), new changes in the search for images. The company stated that it is working on a way to place the credits of the owner of the photo that is displayed in the search results performed by the end user.

Google Images will put credit for whoever took the photo

This new step comes after the change that removed the link that takes you directly to the original image in the search engine, as part of an agreement with Getty Images, leaving only the options to visit the page, save to a bookmark, list saved items and share visible the link with other people. To increase the transparency of the illustration’s owner, Google has partnered with two organizations that will help in this task, CEPIC and IPTC – mainly in the complicated process of finding the right owner, something not easy on the internet.

The credits will not be displayed right away, but the user can tap or click on the menu icon, within the result and choose “Image Credits” to now show the credits and the name of who created the displayed item.

Along this side of the user, Google has also created some guides for photographers and agencies to use metadata more efficiently, so that they appear immediately in the search results.

The news is not yet available, but will start appearing in the results as of next week.

With information: Google.

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