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Google Images won an update that should simplify the comparison between photos. In the desktop version, the service started to display them on a side panel that remains in place even when scrolling the page.

Google Images gains side panel on the web to help

The change mainly helps anyone who is using Google Images to find a product. When using the new panel, the service allows you to continue searching for a specific object without losing sight of the highlighted photo.

“We reviewed Google Images on the desktop to make it easier for you to see what’s out there, learn more about the images that interest you and take the next step to make your idea happen,” explained Google, in a statement about the update.

Searches will also display image captions whenever possible. In addition, in product photos, Google will present useful information to users such as brand, price, availability and other people’s ratings.

“For retailers and publishers, this updated interface also means that people are more likely to visit a page for information to help them with a task or to buy a product on their website,” says Google.

This is not the first change made in the search for photos. In March, the company started testing a small number of users to display product ads alongside search results to increase the number of purchases.

The test involves the inclusion of some tags within images of the product that resemble the highlights in Instagram photos. The format is visible on the computer and mobile devices, but is still restricted to some searches.

With information: Google.

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