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A month after presenting the new features of Wear OS 2.0, Google started to allow the update. The operating system changed some of its screens and gave more prominence to physical activities and notifications.

Google Fit, for example, can be accessed by swiping the screen to the left. He got a simpler look, with two circles. One counts your minutes in motion and the other follows what has been called heart points, a metric to encourage you to exercise.

Google Wear OS 2.0

Google Wear OS 2.0 (Photo: The Verge)

In Wear OS 2.0, notifications appear when you swipe the screen upwards. Before, you could only see one notification at a time. With the update, you can see several on the same screen, as the system now shows them in a list.

When swiping to the right, the system displays the Google Assistant, which has won “proactive help”. In addition to receiving voice commands, it shows information that may be important in your day, such as temperature and appointments in the agenda.

Finally, sliding the screen down displays the quick settings screen. It displays buttons like airplane mode, battery saving and finding the smartphone. In addition, there is a unique button to activate Google Pay.

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In its review, the The Verge recalled that Wear OS 2.0 is not yet a fast system and is slow to load applications. However, the changes provide a more adequate basis for further updates in the future.

The launch of new watches with the Snapdragon Wear 3100 should help improve Wear OS performance. According to Qualcomm, the processor will also be able to increase battery life.

Google Assistant on Wear OS 2.0

Google Assistant on Wear OS 2.0

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