Google Duplex Imitates Human When Calling Hair Salons

For those who don’t like talking on the phone, Google Duplex it can be a hand on the wheel. Introduced more than two years ago, this system is able to make Google Assistant imitate a person on calls. In its most recent version, the technology can even call barbershops, hairdressers and beauty salons to reserve hours for the user.

Google Duplex (image: reproduction / Google)

Google Duplex (image: reproduction / Google)

This is an interesting detail because, when the Duplex was introduced, Google used as an example precisely the possibility of the technology reserving a haircut. However, when Google Duplex was made available to Pixel smartphone users – the first to have access to the technology – it was only possible to use it to make restaurant reservations, basically.

With the pandemic, restaurant reservations lost their meaning for some time. But that didn’t make Google Duplex useless. Some users started using the system to check the opening hours of certain stores, for example. In addition, the Duplex started to work in countries like Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom – until then, the technology was restricted to the United States.

Recently, the VentureBeat discovered the function of reserves in beauty salons and the like. Google confirmed that this is a feature that has just been released.

Operation is relatively simple. The user must activate the option to make an appointment on Google search or on Maps. Once the establishment of interest is located, the user must then inform the type of cut desired (male, female or haircut in general), a date preference for the reservation and the desired time range – from noon to 4 pm: 00, for example.

Google Duplex salon reservation (captures: VentureBeat)

Google Duplex salon reservation (captures: VentureBeat)

It is also possible to inform if that salon has been visited before (to facilitate the location of customer data), if there is a preference for any professional and contact information.

Then, Google Assistant will call the property to make a reservation based on the information provided. At the beginning of the call, the Duplex will inform you that the call is being made by artificial intelligence technology and that the conversation will be recorded.

The person on the other end has the option of disagreeing with the recording. If this occurs, the call will be transferred to a human operator who will proceed with the scheduling. The operator can also take action if, for some reason, the Google Assistant is unable to complete its task.

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