Google Drive lets you fill out PDF forms on iOS and Android

It’s not just Google Photos that’s getting news this month. O GoogleDrive also, at least in the G Suite version: this week, the service started allowing the user to fill out PDF forms without messing up the document structure. This task can be done from the Drive app for Android or iOS.

PDF form in Google Drive

PDF forms are suitable for printing. You print the document, fill in the fields with the pen and then send the paper to the recipient. But, you know, digital documents are more and more common.

In these circumstances, the ideal is for the form to be offered in a web version, but there are circumstances in which the document can only be made available as a file. This is where PDF comes into play. The novelty of Google Drive is therefore welcome.

Filling works with structured PDFs. You can enter data in fields, select options from a drop-down menu or select checkboxes, for example. To start filling in, just touch the pencil icon when viewing a PDF form.

Google Drive - PDF form

The document can then be saved as a copy or update of the original. Google expects this feature to be useful for filling out business invoices, event logs, tax forms and the like.

However, the company warns that the new feature does not support electronic signature and is not compatible with PDF forms based on XFA (XML Forms Architecture).

The resource is being gradually released to accounts integrated with G Suite. Google has not made it clear if and when the functionality will reach conventional accounts.

With information: 9to5Google.

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