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Google Docs has added a feature that can be very useful for those who write and need to know how many words the text has, like me: an automatic word counter that is visible all the time. The news was announced yesterday (9) and may take up to two weeks to reach all users.

google docs word counter

Even before this change, the user needed to click on “Tools” and then on “Word count”. The total number of the text is displayed in a floating box that does not allow editing of the content, without first closing the window that was opened. From now on the count is in the lower left corner of the interface, in a place that is already common for those who use Word (even in Word online), for example.

In addition to saying how many words you have already written, it is possible to know how many of them are in a specific area of ​​the text and to do so just select the paragraphs you want to count. The previous window, which displays extra details like the page count, characters and characters not taking into account the spaces, can still be displayed.

word counter google docs old box

Google says that Docs started receiving the word counter on Monday and will take up to 15 days to reach everyone. I am using Google Docs right now to write this text and the function has not yet appeared.

Is it here for you?

With information: Google.

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