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Google has made dark mode available for Google Docs, Slides and Spreadsheet applications that run on iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch. The novelty arrives in the form of updates to their respective apps and they activate the new look automatically, based on the operating system settings.

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The change changes practically every part of the applications that displayed white color in the background, to black and also inverts the color of the letter, changing from black to white. Even if it is configured automatically, it is possible to completely revert the interface or just see a document the old way, with a white background and black letters.

To change manually, just tap the menu (icon at the top, on the left and which is made up of three short strokes), then Settings, Theme and then choose which one you want. To change the look only in a document and not in the entire interface, just open the text itself, spreadsheet or presentation, touch the three dots located in the upper right corner, then “See in light theme”, or “See in dark theme” .

The search giant claims that the new tool is available to all users, whether in a personal or G Suite account (corporate) and in neither case is it necessary to wait some time for Google’s servers to work. Just the latest version of Google Docs, Spreadsheets or Ações Presentations on SlideShare.

On Android users can already open these apps in dark mode since the beginning of July this year, affecting those on smartphones and tablets in the same way. In addition to relief for the eyes, the darker screen also ensures energy savings, especially in devices with OLED or AMOLED screen.

For those who are on Google’s mobile operating system, the change is also automatic, respecting the system settings, but the dark mode can be activated manually in the same way of touches required on iOS.

Only the dark theme is missing from the web version, isn’t it Google?

With information: Google.

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