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Statements about game streamers made by Alex Hutchinson, who works as a creative director in Google Stadia, did not catch well and generated responses over the network. In direct and indirect statements, Google tried to distance itself from the controversy and the opinion of the executive.

Alex Hutchinson's statements did not go well for Stadia (Image: Felipe Vinha / Tecnoblog)

Alex Hutchinson’s statements did not go well for Stadia (Image: Felipe Vinha / Tecnoblog)

On the afternoon of last Thursday (22), Alex Hutchinson published on your Twitter that “game streamers should pay licenses” about the games they use to broadcast to their fans. The occasion sparked a huge debate on the network, where several influencers and content creators disagreed.

One of the placements came from Ryan Wyatt, director for games, commerce and immersive experiences on YouTube, who is also part of Google. He said the following:

“We believe that companies and creators have an incredible symbiotic relationship, which has allowed us to create a prosperous ecosystem. One that benefits everyone! YouTube is focused on creating value for creators, businesses and users. Everyone grows when we work together ”.

In addition, the website 9to5Google also published an official note from Google itself regarding the situation:

“The recent tweets from Alex Hutchinson, creative director at Stadia’s Montreal gaming and entertainment studio, do not reflect the views of Stadia, YouTube or Google.”

Another detail is that, after the controversy, Hutchinson included in his Twitter description the phrase “All opinions are mine”. This Friday (23), the bio was changed from “creative director at Google Stadia” to “creative director at SG&E Montreal Studio”. In other words, the broth really heated up.

Google Stadia vs. Streamers

The situation makes it clear that Hutchinson’s opinion is not replicated, at least publicly, by Stadia himself. Recalling that the platform works as a game streaming for all users, but has specific tools aimed at streamers, which facilitate interaction with the public.

For now Google Stadia is not available in Brazil.

With information: 9to5Google.

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