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Google has revealed more details regarding Stadia, its gaming service that will be released on Tuesday (19). The company demonstrated what the platform’s interface will look like and indicated that some of its features will not be available at launch.

The images indicate that most of the actions at Stadia will be done through an application for Android and iOS. Despite the iPhone version, Stadia will not run games on all phones. For now, this will only be available for Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a and Pixel 4.

The idea of ​​the app is to allow users to buy games, add friends and cast the playback to Chromecast Ultra or Google Chrome on their computer. It also allows you to define the quality of game play.

It is possible to display images in 4K, with consumption of up to 20 GB per hour of the franchise, or in 720p, of up to 4.5 GB per hour. There is also a more balanced output, in which the platform itself defines the best quality according to the connection.

On cell phones, computers and TVs, the service’s home screen highlights the last game accessed and a carousel with the games saved in your account. The section also offers four status options: online, free, busy and offline.

According to Google, users who play for Pixel will have the option to buy the Claw, an accessory to connect the phone to the controller. It will be manufactured by PowerSupport, the company’s partner, but its price has not yet been announced.

Google Stadia Claw

Claw, accessory for Google Stadia control

Google Stadia will postpone some features

The images were shared on Reddit by Stadia’s product director, Andrey Doronichev. In comments, the executive also said that some of the resources planned for the platform will only be released in the future.

The Google Assistant for Control, for example, will be available one week after the launch of Stadia. At first, it will only allow games to start, but soon, voice commands should support more features.

In addition, only Chromecast Ultra units delivered with Stadia will support the service. They will have a firmware required to run the games, which, according to Doronichev, will be released “shortly after launch” to the existing Chromecast Ultra.

Computers, in turn, will take some time to run games with 4K resolution, 5.1 surround sound and HDR. According to Google, this should happen only in 2020. The same goes for the family plan, which will allow sharing games with relatives and should only be released next year.

Users who have chosen to purchase Stadia Founder’s Edition are entitled to offer a three-month free trial to a friend. The benefit, however, will be offered only two weeks after the launch of the platform.

According to Google, the idea is to make a gradual launch of the service. “We always start to complete the user’s main journey and then release extra features. YouTube started with ‘watch the video’. For Stadia, it’s ‘play the game on your biggest screen’, ”said Doronichev.

There is still no forecast of when the platform will be launched in Brazil.

With information: Engadget, XDA Developers.

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