Google creates website to help small businesses grow | Business

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play an important role in the Brazilian economy, but they do not always have a structured plan for growth. Thinking about it, Google created a website with tips on how the internet can be important in this process.

Google for SMEs

Baptized Google for SMEs, the page presents customized plans according to the company’s objectives. It offers recommendations for those who want to promote themselves on the internet, reach customers or increase their efficiency.

Before presenting the tips, Google asks for the company’s name and website, as well as details such as how to serve customers. It is possible to indicate whether the service is online, at a physical establishment or at the customer’s home, for example.

For companies with physical establishments, one of the suggestions is to create a profile on Google My Business, which gathers data such as address, opening hours and telephone number next to related searches. The page is even for SMEs that have not yet been created.

In each recommendation, she points out a service that can help the company. This goes for platforms that can be used for free, like Analytics and YouTube, but it also involves paid services, like Ads and G Suite.

The site also has information on classroom and distance training, as well as tips on Primer, an application that offers free videos with tips on digital marketing and business.

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