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O Google warned that Android devices could advance the clock by one hour this Sunday (3), because they think there would be daylight saving time this year. You probably have corrected this already, but there is another problem: the Chromecast and the speaker Nest Hub (before Home Hub) show the wrong time and are difficult to correct. There is a palliative solution as long as these devices do not receive an update.


Chromecast displays a clock on the TV when in standby mode. I have the device and I noticed last night that it was at the wrong time. My Google Home app is up to date (2.15.414 on iOS), and my phone wasn’t up by one hour.

The Chromecast watch has its own setting, regardless of the phone. It is not possible to adjust the date and time itself, only the time zone – and it is set by default to “Brasília Summer Time (São Paulo)”. Therefore, the solution is to choose another time zone, called “Brasília Standard Time (Araguaína)”.

To fix your Chromecast watch, follow these steps:

  • turn on your TV with Chromecast;
  • open the Google Home app on iPhone or Android;
  • touch the name your Chromecast (mine is called “Living Room”);
  • touch the gear, in the upper right corner of the screen;
  • scroll down the list and find the option Timezone;
  • choose the Brasília Standard Time (Araguaína);
  • the Chromecast clock will be corrected immediately.

A palliative solution for the Google Nest Hub (Home Hub)

Google Home Hub (Nest Hub)

What about the Nest Hub speaker, formerly known as the Home Hub? Google says in many support articles that to change the time zone, it is necessary to change the address registered on the device. Of course, if you do that, it can get confused when recommending routes to your work or to locations in your Google Calendar.

This is a palliative solution for those who prefer to display the right time on the 7-inch screen:

  • open the Google Home app on iPhone or Android;
  • touch the Home button in the lower left corner of the screen;
  • touch the name your Nest Hub or Home Hub;
  • touch the gear, in the upper right corner of the screen;
  • find the option Device address and touch it;
  • enter an address from any of these locations:
    • state of Tocantins, which has not adopted daylight saving time since 2013 – it is in Brasília Standard Time (Araguaína);
    • Argentina or Uruguay, which always remain in the UTC-3 standard (as well as most of Brazil) and do not adopt daylight saving time.
  • touch Set address.

We hope that Google will release an update soon to dispense with the steps above. This must be a matter of time: Priscila Queiroz, Publication leader for Riot Games in Brazil, tells on twitter Nest Hub tells you the correct time if you ask the assistant.

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