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Google has started releasing the first open tests of a new feature that may be important for anyone on Chrome: editing saved passwords. The novelty still depends on the activation of a flag, but the simple appearance of this possibility gives a light at the end of the tunnel of an order that was made more than six years ago.

Google Chrome (Photo: Bruno Gall De Blasi / Tecnoblog)

Was May 2014 that a request within the Google Chrome bug discussion forum came up, asking the user to edit passwords that were saved within the browser. Currently it is not possible to change this information within the Chrome manager, but it is possible to change the information by deleting the data and saving again, or by logging in to the website with a new password – where the program asks if it wants to update the database. data and change the old one.

Additionally, it is possible to see these passwords when entering, with the Google account logged into the browser.

This should change in a short time, since the beta version of Google Chrome for desktop and also for Android received a new flag to allow the user to edit the password. Once the browser is installed, just paste (without quotes) this address in the bar “chrome: // flags / # edit-passwords-in-settings”, activate the flag and restart the browser.

In the password manager, which is within settings (or at this address: chrome: // settings / passwords), the user can change any saved password that is there.

As the feature is still in the testing phase, but within the beta version that the public can already use, it is very likely that Chrome 86, the next stable version of the browser, already brings at least the flag to be activated outside the beta version. This version of Chrome is expected to be available in early October.

With information: BleepingComputer.

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