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Google wants to test a new way of displaying URLs in Chrome, showing only the domain name, instead of the full address in the browser bar. The goal is to make it more evident to the user when there are suspicious elements in the domain, which may indicate the phishing attempt. The resource appeared on an experimental basis in version 86 browser, which is expected to launch between September and October 2020.

Google Chrome (Photo: Bruno Gall De Blasi / Tecnoblog)

In a study by Google, more than 60% of users clicked on a URL by mistake, just because they saw the name of a well-known brand along the address.

The idea of ​​the experiment in Chrome 86 is to call attention to the “most significant” part of the URL, which could contribute to the identification of strange names or typos (like “” with two “g”, which is incorrect and could be the result of a malicious action). Other browsers, such as Safari, already use this solution.

According to Google, this display will only appear to a random group of browser users initially. If you are one of those selected, you can disable the feature to see the full URL again. To do this, just click with the right mouse button on the address and check the option “Always show complete URLs”, as shown in the image below (in English).

show url in google chrome 86

If it proves effective against scams, it is possible that the novelty will reach everyone permanently in future updates of Chrome.

To test this feature of Chrome 86 now, you must download Chrome Canary and access chrome: // flags – then activate the options:

  • # omnibox-ui-reveal-steady-state-url-path-query-and-ref-on-hover
  • # omnibox-ui-sometimes-elide-to-registrable-domain
  • Optionally, # omnibox-ui-hide-steady-state-url-path-query-and-ref-on-interaction (this option shows the full URL until you interact with the page).

Remember that Canary is an experimental version of Chrome, and is subject to (many) bugs and instability.

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