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O Google Chrome will help people who use bad passwords or who were part of a leak: the version Canary won an option called Password protection, which checks whether the password is insecure and recommends that the user change their login credentials. When working, the feature can be activated on Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS and Android. Firefox Monitor, built into the Mozilla browser, offers similar protection.


This year, Google launched a Chrome extension called Password check-up: it checks if your login information is in a database with 4 billion leaked credentials. If so, the browser displays a red alert for you to change your password.

The company says who is “looking for new ways to deploy this technology in Google products”. The most obvious candidate is Chrome itself, which could integrate this feature in the future; you can already see signs of this in the Canary version.

Chrome Canary prepares password protection feature

O Techdows discovered an experimental feature in Chrome Canary called “Password protection”. After activating it and restarting the browser, the new option appears in the settings. The description says: “shows a warning when you use an insecure password that is part of a data leak; is only available to users who log in ”.

Chrome Canary

The feature still doesn’t work. After logging in with the Google account on Chrome Canary, we registered on some sites using bad passwords like “123456” and “password”, but the browser did not alert them that they are insecure. For now, the company has only done the interface.

When the functionality is ready, it will display an alert like this:

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“Chrome found this password in a public list of unprotected passwords that were part of a data leak,” says the alert. “To keep your account secure, check your saved passwords now and change your password at [endereço do site]. ”

To activate this feature, just go to chrome: // flags, search for Password Leak Detection, select the option Enabled and restart Chrome Canary. It is present on Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS and Android. But, as we said above, this still doesn’t work or issue weak password alerts.

Chrome Canary

Firefox already has a similar functionality: it is Firefox Monitor, created in partnership with Have I Been Pwned, which displays an alert if you visit a website that has suffered a data leak. The user can click on “Check in Firefox Monitor” to know more:

Firefox Monitor

With information: XDA Developers.

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