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If you, like me, have a Chromebook or tablet with Chrome OS and are tired of not having a dark mode on the system so far, stay calm as the wait can be even longer. Evidence in a clear way appeared in Gerrit tasks, in much greater number than dark theme or dark mode.

Chrome OS 78

Even with the Chrome browser already respecting the decision of light or dark in the mode of the operating system where it is installed, in Chrome OS the thing is not going well and there is not much evidence of a change soon. While the file explorer, the Play Store, notification area and system settings are white, the toolbar, quick settings, locked screen and the list of installed apps follow in dark tones.

What can shed some light at the end of the tunnel is the existence of Chrome OS developer tasks within Gerrit, listing clear mode at times. There is a very explicit mention and it talks about adapting the launcher interface to clear mode, describing the work with: “This CL covers changes in the background of the list of applications, search box, suggestions and expansion arrow”.

chrome os chromebook interface

Chrome OS interface already uses light and dark elements

The work on this topic is more numerous than those for dark mode on the same forum, with all the results listing updates happening this month – it means that the development is recent. As the interface of the whole system uses different themes, I believe that the work in a clear mode can be finished and delivered before just to clean up the mess, with the dark mode appearing shortly afterwards as an update of its antagonist.

Or the Chrome OS light mode may be waiting for the dark mode to adapt and both will be released at the same time, in one update.

With information: Android Police.

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