Google Chrome may start flagging sites that load slowly

O Google Chrome alert for some time when a page is considered “unsecure” (does not have SSL) and soon, you can also warn when a site loads slowly: This feature is already being tested by the developers of the browser.

The idea did not come by chance. One of the issues discussed at the Chrome Dev Summit 2019, an event held this week, is precisely the speed of the web. In general, the plan is to make website developers treat the page loading aspect as a priority.

In fact, this is an old and persistent concern at Google. It is not just today that the company considers the page loading speed as one of its several ranking criteria in its search service – fast sites are more likely to appear in the first search results.

The Chrome Slow Alert would come as another way to reinforce the importance of web pages following implementations that facilitate their loading, especially on mobile devices.

Chrome - loading pages

At the Chrome Dev Summit, Google showed pages that load quickly being identified with a progressive green line just below the browser’s address bar, while slow sites were pointed out with a blue line.

Every website can experience technical problems that slow it down occasionally, so the speed rating will take into account the page load rate history. In that sense, Chrome may also display a message stating that that page usually takes a long time to load.

For now, everything is just an idea. Although the feature is already being tested, Google has not confirmed when the alert will be implemented or if it intends to take the proposal forward.

Certainly, even with Internet connections getting faster and faster, the page loading speed still has a huge weight for Google. This is not expected to change anytime soon.

With information: Engadget.

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