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Google today announced (19) a new way to manage open tabs in Chrome for Android, along with other new features in the browser that runs on PCs. With this new tab control for Android smartphones, Chrome brings the user experience that it already used on the iPhone.

new tabs chrome android management

For Android users the change will be greater. In Chrome that runs on these devices, the tab part will no longer be presented as a list of cards, to be in a grid look and that already exists on the iPhone. The difference between the two platforms is that in the search giant’s system it will be possible to group tabs into a kind of folder, which is great for users who love to live with countless open tabs.

animated android chrome tab management

In addition, you can share an open tab on your mobile device to other gadgets that have your Google account enabled. The function already exists in the opposite direction, taking a link from the computer to another device – be it a smartphone, tablet, Chromebook or even another computer. Along with logging into the same account, all devices that can receive the tab must have the sync option enabled.

shared tab management chrome android animated

On PCs, Chrome windows with many tabs, when they just have the website icon open, will show the name of the open address in a larger space. In a future update, Google says it will also include a small preview of what’s open, similar to what Windows 10 does with programs open on the taskbar.

chrome pc animated tab management

Finally, question results will be open right in the address bar, Google Translate translation tools for entire pages are now visible in the right corner of the same bar, and there are more options for customizing colors for the browser theme.

google answers on pc

All changes will reach users gradually and will happen in the coming weeks. Of all of them, the only one I managed to test here was the automatic response when the user writes, for example, “definition of love”.

change theme in browser

With information: Google.

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