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Google has released the Chrome 78 update for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS users. The new stable version of the browser gained a night mode, improvements in the password manager and previews of the websites displayed in each tab.

Chrome 78, more specifically 78.0.3904.70, also gained an API for developers to access local files where they want, in addition to other security fixes. Check out the main news below:

Night mode on Android and iOS

Google Chrome 78 is released for Windows macOS Android and

Just like in other of its applications, Google made night mode official in Chrome 78 for Android and iOS. The option can be enabled in Settings> Themes. The area allows you to define the desired interface or indicate to the browser to follow the system standard.

According to the BleepingComputer, iPhone users will only be able to activate dark mode if they are running iOS 13. On the Apple system, the new version also updates the look of favorite lists, history and recent tabs, and allows you to include a credit card on the page of settings.

Forced night mode for Windows, macOS and Linux

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The browser also gained a dark interface on the desktop. The option, however, is still in the experimental phase in this version and needs to be enabled through the “flags” feature, which offers APIs in the testing phase.

You can force night mode on Chrome 78 when visiting chrome: // flags / # enable-force-dark. The item offers several options, but the most recommended is “Enabled with selective inversion of non-images elements”, which changes only a few objects on the page.

While it is selected, Chrome for Windows, macOS and Linux forces night mode even on sites that do not have the alternative look.

Password manager detects leaks

Another test feature is password leak detection, which displays notifications if your data falls into the hands of others. By enabling it on chrome: // flags / # password-leak-detection, the Chrome settings area will now show the option “Check password security”, which will recommend updating credentials when it detects something suspicious.

Encrypted DNS

Chrome 78 also made DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) official, which encrypts DNS requests and increases your privacy. The option was already being tested and can now be enabled on Windows, macOS and Android.

It can only be used by those who already use a DoH-compliant DNS. The list includes Google, Cloudfare, OpenDNS, Cleanbrowsing, DNS.SB and Quad9. And, although it is beneficial for users, this change was not well received by ISPs.

Preview when hovering over tabs

Tab previews in Google Chrome 78

The update to Chrome 78 also changes tab interaction. Now, when hovering over them, the browser displays a kind of card with details about the page title and the website’s main URL.

It is still possible to force the display of a thumbnail of the page being displayed by that tab. To do this, simply enable the option when visiting chrome: // flags / # tab-hover-card-images.

Native file system

For developers, there is a new feature in the desktop version of Google Chrome 78. The Native File System API allows websites to indicate on their own the folders they want to open for the user to select a file.

After the user grants permission, the browser is able to display windows to open and save files in predefined paths.

With information: VentureBeat.

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