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The Google Assistant has long been able to create text messages on WhatsApp. In August, he was given the option to read messages after a voice command. And now, he can also initiate audio and video calls in the app.

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Until then, the closest Google Assistant could do was to record voice messages via WhatsApp. Anyone trying to make calls using voice commands would see their cell phone make a conventional call or video call through Hangouts.

According to Google, the new option is available to everyone. In English, you can start a video call with commands like “Hey Google, WhatsApp video John”. In our tests with similar phrases in Portuguese, the assistant did not start the call through the messenger.

The new feature was announced on the company’s blog along with other devices that also use Google Assistant. The text indicates that the option to make audio and video calls on WhatsApp has already been released, but does not offer further details.

Google does not explain, for example, if all devices with Google Assistant will have the new feature. As WhatsApp is not available on Google Home, for example, the option to start calls by voice commands should be limited to cell phones.

With information: Google, Android Police, XDA Developers.

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