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Google Calendar has gained a more practical way of reaching the page dedicated to adding events. Instead of entering the full URL of the service in your browser’s address bar, just type “” or “”.

Google Calendar short link

The short links, which lead directly to the registration screen for a new appointment, were announced by Google on Twitter. In its profile, the company highlighted new domains with the extension .new, which offer shortcuts to some of its services.

About a year ago, the company released this solution for Google Drive tools and the G Suite package, such as documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Recently, Google Keep also won the shortcut.

These are the short Google links already known:

  • Documents:,,
  • Spreadsheets:,,
  • Presentations:,,,
  • Sites:,,
  • Forms:,
  • Keep:,,
  • Schedule:,

Google is able to release easy addresses for its services because it owns the “.new” top-level domain (TLD). After Google Calendar, there is still no information about other company products that will win the shortcut.

In Gmail, for example, it would be possible to start a new message by typing something like “”. This address currently takes users to a Gmail login screen, but does not yet provide access to the service’s inbox.

With information: Android Police.

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