Gol starts using facial recognition when boarding passengers

THE Gol Airlines put in place a passenger boarding service that works with facial recognition. For now, the new system is only available at gate B 34 of the domestic flights sector at Galeão Airport (RIOgaleão), in Rio de Janeiro.

Gol executives at the presentation of the biometric boarding

The system was developed by Gollabs – Gol’s innovation laboratory – based on technology from FullFace Biometric Solutions. With it, the passenger does not need to present himself at the boarding gate with the printed boarding pass or on the cell phone screen.

It is only necessary to position yourself in front of the facial recognition totem. The system will compare the captured image with the existing photo in the user’s registration.

As the system has started to be tested now, an employee is responsible for capturing the photo of each passenger in the departure area using a tablet and inserting it in the register. This process needs to be done only once.

The objective is to optimize the boarding procedure. Gol states that the system performs facial recognition based on 1024 points on the face and, in general, takes less than a second to complete the task. The accuracy reaches 98%, complements the company.

If Gol obtains the expected results – the forecast is that the tests will last 15 days – the system should be made available gradually at other airports served by the company.

Gol's Boeing 737 Max 8 at presentation event

Please note that the system does not require the passenger to present the boarding pass only in the procedure to enter the plane. The card is required to access the boarding area. In addition, an identification document (such as ID or passport) is still required to enter the aircraft.

Also according to Gol, the captured data is encrypted and used only for the boarding procedure. The company also recalls that this is not its first facial recognition system: a technology of this type has existed for some time in the Selfie Check-in function in Gol’s applications.

With information: The globe, Folha de S.Paulo.

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