Gmail releases dark mode for Android 10 users | Applications and Software

Google continues to work to bring dark mode to all of its applications. The last to win the update is Gmail, which started offering the new interface for Android 10 users, officially released in early September.

Gmail dark mode on Android 10

With the novelty, Gmail displays the Theme item in its settings, which allows you to choose between light or dark mode. There is also the option to force the app to match the chosen pattern across Android 10.

According to the XDA Developers, dark mode is now available in version 2019.08.18.267 of Gmail. If the option is enabled, the application adopts a dark gray background on all of its screens, just as it already happens on other Google services.

It is worth remembering that the company has already released the dark mode in Agenda, Keep, Photos and, more recently, in its search application. Even Chrome received the alternative interface in its stable version for Windows 10.

The browser uses a feature of the operating system itself that makes apps go dark when possible. The Gmail update makes the new look available in almost all Google apps, with the exception of the Play Store and Maps.

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