Globoplay now offers annual subscription with 25% discount | Culture

It is now possible to sign the Globoplay paying a little less: the service launched this week an annual plan in the amount of R $ 196.80, which, if divided by 12 months, is equivalent to a monthly fee of R $ 16.40. For comparison purposes, the monthly payment plan costs R $ 21.90.

Globoplay - application

The annual plan corresponds to a 25% discount on the monthly subscription if we consider the period of one year. Globoplay also points out that it is possible to install the annual subscription in 12 installments without interest on the credit card.

But the service itself draws attention to one detail: the annual subscription is non-refundable. This means that, if you give up the plan for the third month of use, for example, you will not get back the amount proportional to the remaining nine months. Because of this, the cancellation will only take effect after the 12 months of subscription have been completed.

Another important detail is that the annual subscription has automatic renewal. However, Globoplay promises to notify the user with a month in advance about the renewal, so it will be possible to request the cancellation before a new charge.

Globoplay also informs that the annual plan is not yet available for subscription via Android or iOS application, but promises to release this option soon.

Bianca Serra (head of content), João Mesquita (general manager), Marcelo Souza (product director) and Thiago Verly (product manager)

Presumably, the annual plan is one of Globoplay’s weapons to increase its subscriber base and, obviously, face rivals.

The dispute in the Brazilian streaming market is so fierce that Amazon even “stole” the main executive of the rival: in August, João Mesquita (the second from left to right in the photo above) left the position of general director of Globoplay to become leader of the Amazon Prime Video in Brazil.

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