Game developers fear Google Stadia will be canceled

O Stadia is coming there. With the launch approaching, scheduled for next Tuesday (19), the Google it even released, kind of unofficially, a demo of the service interface. Despite this, there are game developers concerned that the platform might not last long.

Google Stadia - joystick

Who spoke on the subject is Gwen Frey, developer responsible for the game Kine, one of the titles that will be available at the launch of Google Stadia.

In a recent interview, she was excited about the platform’s arrival, but she also mentioned some concerns, among them, a fear that seems to surround most of the developers who work with the service: the possibility that Stadia just won’t succeed.

There are two main reasons for this concern: the first is the fact that game streaming is a relatively new idea and, therefore, full of technical challenges ahead; the second is the history of services canceled by Google.

These fears are not exaggerated. A large game studio is more likely to get away from platform cancellations, but independent developers often have very limited resources, which is why they need some security to bet on new services.

Despite mentioning concern for the survival of Google Stadia, Gwen Frey expressed optimism. “When working with technology, you have to be willing to make bold moves and try things that can fail,” he says.

Frey ended by saying “Google canceled many projects, but I have a Pixel in my pocket, I use Google Maps to get around and I only got here because Google Calendar sent me a notice in Gmail; it’s not like Google cancels all the things it does ”.

Although Gwen Frey and other developers are optimistic, the market looks at Google Stadia with some suspicion. O The Verge it even published an editorial this Thursday (14) with the so-called “The world is waiting for Google Stadia to fail” (in the sense that it will not be a surprise if that happens).

The main reason for this skepticism is the evidence that the platform is not yet ready to be launched and the possible technical issues, such as fluctuations in the user’s internet connection speed or overload on the platform’s servers.

As already reported, Google Stadia will start operating on the 19th. There is no forecast for availability in Brazil, however.

With information: Ars Technica.

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