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After returning to Samsung to fix structural problems, the Galaxy Fold can finally be purchased by humans outside the Korean factory. O iFixit disassembled the folding smartphone and found a structure that helps in the resistance of the whole set, along with a lot of difficulty for a technician to work on whatever repair is necessary.

galaxy fold disassembled

The biggest change is in a metal structure that reinforces the screen and is just below the display. The staff of iFixit says that the structure is similar to a grid, which helps to keep everything flexible and at the same time resistant. The structure follows the entire OLED, which was previously unprotected in the central part and which is where Fold folds.

galaxy fold screen

Reinforcement on the screen in the form of an extra metal layer

In addition, the hinges received a kind of black tape that can be extra protection against dirt and anything that can enter the space between the screen and the smartphone body – which is great, since this was a problem reported months ago.

ribbon protecting galaxy fold

Tape prevents dirt from entering

Finally, the film that Samsung did not warn that it could not be removed, now goes almost to the curve at the edges of the screen. Almost impossible to see a loose end and try to remove it.

Extra reinforcement, but complicated to repair

The downside of being so careful when making the Galaxy Fold more resistant is that the iFixit noticed that repairing something, the work is heavy. As much as all screws do not work with the special wrench requirement, and that components can be removed in a modular way, the glue used to hold the glass parts makes the removal almost a prayer to bring no damage.

glue battery galaxy fold

Enough glue sticks the batteries

Samsung put a lot of adhesive tape on the batteries (there are two, one with 2,135 mAh and the other with 2,245 mAh), which made iFixit use solvent to avoid damaging this component (the manufacturer knows what happens to batteries that do not receive care).

The worst point, after these, is that even with changes that helped with more metal inside and external protections, the iFixit he still calls the Galaxy Fold “frighteningly fragile” and that goes for the main screen that will show marks after a few bends, along with the hinge mechanism itself.

With information: iFixit.

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