Galaxy Fold breaks after being folded 120,000 times in test

Weeks after announcing the Galaxy Fold, a Samsung released a video of a test showing that the device can be opened and closed for at least 200,000 times before it presents any damage in the fold. A recent independent test showed, however, that the foldable smartphone can handle almost 120,000 openings. Despite the big difference, this result is not bad.

Galaxy Fold hinge test

The test was performed by CNET and transmitted in real time by YouTube. To run it, the vehicle used a machine created by a company called SquareTrade that is able to open and close the Galaxy Fold repeatedly.

Samsung says that, before launching its first foldable cell phone, it subjected the device to various types of laboratory tests to ensure that the device was ready to be launched.

We know well that something did not work in these procedures. The Galaxy Fold had defects shortly after it was handed over to journalists for independent testing.

However, the reported failures were mainly related to the screen. Now that the Galaxy Fold has been revised and finally released, the CNET tried to check if another important feature, the model’s hinge, can even be activated 200 thousand times, as stated by the Samsung test (video below):

Well, he couldn’t. Not in this test. After the Galaxy Fold was opened and closed 119,380 times by the machine, the hinge broke, causing half of the screen to stop working. But, as stated at the beginning of the post, this is not a bad result.

Samsung’s test took a week to complete; the da CNET, some hours. This is because the machine used by the vehicle opened and closed the device at a very intense pace, which may have compromised the resistance of the hinge due to some type of overload that is not expected under normal conditions of use.

Herself CNET warns that this was not a test with scientific rigor. If you take these circumstances into account, you can believe when Samsung says the hinge should last at least five years – and that if the user opens and closes the Galaxy Fold 100 times a day.

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