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Microsoft announced this week that it is expanding Teams to more users, even going to non-home office audiences or talking about work. The novelty could be an alternative to competing apps like Slack and Trello, mixing ideas from Google Meet and Zoom.

Microsoft Family Safety and Teams

The idea, at least for now, is to offer a preview of Microsoft Teams for free to users on Android and iPhone. It is valid for those who already have the app installed and use it with a corporate account, or for those who have never had any contact with the program and can now log in with a personal Microsoft account.

Microsoft Teams has been fighting with apps like Slack, as it allows more than just chatting between people and it can already be done very well in solutions like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage and Telegram.

In Teams open to all tools, they will be basically the same, which means that the user can open a video call with several people at the same time, chat in a chat room with multiple people, create groups with defined subjects, in addition to do all this without involving other guests, leaving the room or chat only between two people.

In all cases it is possible to send animated GIFs, photos, videos, documents and even the users’ location. Events can be created, as well as shared task lists and calendars.

As Teams is from Microsoft, Microsoft 365 programs and resources (Office 365, remember?) Can be used within all areas of the app, which access documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other files that can be in the cloud, within OneDrive. The safe that has already appeared in one or another program from the software giant is also present in Teams for personal use and in it the user can store documents, logins and passwords.

Access to Microsoft Teams will be released gradually starting this week, but in the meantime the app can now be downloaded from the App Store on the iPhone and on Play Store for Android.

With information: Microsoft.

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