First-generation Google Pixel to be updated by December | Cell phone

The first Google Pixel, along with the Pixel XL, is already out of the promised time for updates from Google, but even so the search giant has ensured that corrections in the December security patch will be sent to him. The problem is that this is your last update.

Google Pixel 2

The Google Pixel was the first smartphone launched after the line of Nexus devices, which is also from Google. In addition to pure Android, the promise of great photos and unlimited storage of these photos (and videos) in the company’s own cloud backup for the rest of its life, the device came with the promise of software updates for two years and three years with security patches. .

A surprise from Google was the sending of Android 10 to the gadget, which was supposed to end its life on Android 9 Pie and that made every user who still has his smartphone smiling in the streets. However, if in a heavy update Google was kind, in a security update it may not be so good – and honestly, a safe Android is better than with the latest version installed.

Google commented to the American press that Pixel stopped receiving the monthly update for November, but that it will receive a larger package that includes this month’s and next month’s, which delivers fixes focused only on security. This is the last year of the initial promise and will be the last update that Google Pixel will receive.

Google p

This means that if you have a Pixel, or Pixel XL, you’d better start thinking about buying a new smartphone. It won’t stop working in December, but it will no longer receive fixes for anything that could appear as an attack for Android. Keyed up.

With information: The Verge and CNET.

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