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The first generation of Chromecast was presented by Google in 2013 and arrived in Brazil the following year for R $ 199, changing the way we consume content on TV – and leaving behind the terrible Smart TV platforms we had at the time. The small dongle has already gained two new generations and, finally, the time has come to retire it: it will no longer receive feature updates.

Google Chromecast (2013)

Who noticed the lag of the 1st generation Chromecast was the 9to5Google. 2nd and 3rd generation models, in addition to Chromecast Ultra (which was not released in Brazil) and Chromecast Audio, are running version 1.40.156414. Those who participate in the test program already have firmware 1.42.168007. Meanwhile, the 2013 model remains in the old version 1.36.157768.

As the Chromecast is basically a receiver of application commands with support for the Google Cast protocol, those who have the first generation of the gadget should not worry so much: the streaming services will continue to function normally and, in any case, third-party applications are updated on your smartphone, not Chromecast.

Still, new features may be left out of the 2013 Chromecast. Each major update represents a different version of the Chrome browser: firmware 1.36 has Chrome 70; 1.40 has Chrome 74; 1.42 has Chrome 76 and so on. If Netflix or Prime Video launch a feature that uses a new API, for example, you may not be able to port it to the first Chromecast.

Google says it will continue to offer security updates and bug fixes for the original Chromecast.

And, in the midst of several discussions about scheduled obsolescence, it is interesting to see how a technological product from six years ago still works normally – I have one here.

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