Firefox wins its first paid plan in business | Applications and Software

Mozilla, the organization responsible for the Firefox browser, began offering paid services to companies that use the browser in a corporate environment. Called premium support, the price starts at $ 10 per installation and offers several benefits related to navigation security for the company.

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The list of advantages for paid use of the browser includes a private way to report bugs in the app, faster response to bugs found and reported by the company, direct contribution to the development of Firefox itself, proactive notifications in critical Firefox events and a portal dedicated company.

Proactive notifications are a mystery, but they are probably linked to changes that will be introduced in future versions of the browser and that can bring compatibility issues within the corporate environment.

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With this plan, the company that chose Firefox is closer to the development team at Mozilla and that may be interesting, but its free version for companies and end users will continue to exist, along with the community that is used for bug alerts – which here are made publicly.

The charge seems to be in the initial testing phase, since the plan selection page can no longer be accessed. It is not the first time that something paid for comes to Firefox, which received the initial tests of a paid VPN and which also costs $ 10 (about R $ 41).

With information: The Next Web and gHacks.

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