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Facebook started releasing this Tuesday (3) its new facial recognition setting for all users and said it will no longer identify people in photos and videos by default. Now, the social network will ask for authorization to offer the resource.

Facebook will no longer do facial recognition by default in

The option, which allows you to inform whether or not you want Facebook to identify your presence in photos and videos, started to be implemented in 2017. The expectation is that it will reach all users in the coming weeks.

As the new configuration is released, the platform will display a notice with details about the change. It tells you how facial recognition is performed, what data is collected and lets you decide whether the option will be enabled or not.

In case it is enabled, Facebook will send a notification when someone posts a photo or video in which you appear, even without having tagged you. The social network will allow you to tag or report the content if you want it to go offline.

On the other hand, if the setting is disabled, Facebook will not use facial recognition to identify you in photos and videos from third parties. In addition, your name will not be among the automatic tagging suggestions on photos.

Facebook informs that facial recognition will also be disabled by default for its new users.

With information: Facebook, The Verge.

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