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In testing in the United States since October 2019, the Facebook News will be launched in Brazil and other countries over the next few months. The initiative consists of a tab within the social network that highlights the latest news, with priority for local publications.

To some extent, Facebook News is equivalent to Google News. Both display news calls in a kind of feed, leaving the user to touch or click on those of interest to access them in full.

The main difference is obvious: Facebook News is fully integrated into the social network. Thanks to this, the user can share news with his contacts or save links to access them later, for example.

Facebook News

Facebook News

The content is divided into categories such as entertainment, sports, science & technology, health and business, but the user has the option to disable those that are not of interest to him in the tool settings.

This is not a unilateral initiative. In each country in which the service will be launched – in addition to Brazil, plans are to make its debut in the United Kingdom, Germany, France and India -, Facebook will close partnerships with the press. “We will pay media outlets to ensure that their content is available in the new product,” says the company in a note.

Also according to Facebook, the news inventory will vary from country to country, which is why working together with the media will be essential to adapt the user experience and, at the same time, respect the business models of these services.

Because it depends on local agreements, there is still no date set for Facebook News to debut in Brazil, but the social network intends to launch the service in a period that can vary from six months to a year. The novelty will not affect the display of news that the user already views in your feed.

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