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At Messenger Rooms are a response from Facebook popularizing apps for video calls like Zoom and Google Meet. You can start meetings with up to 50 participants from Instagram or WhatsApp; from now on, you can choose your own images or videos as the background. There are also other news to facilitate the creation of groups directly by cell phone.

Facebook Messenger Rooms

Customized backgrounds will be available within Facebook Messenger for iPhone, iPad and Android. You’ll be able to choose a photo or video in a loop to appear behind you during the video call, just like in Zoom.

Alexandru Voica, Facebook spokesperson, warn that custom backgrounds will be released to users “in the coming weeks”. This will add to the augmented reality effects with 360 degree backgrounds and ambient lighting filters; both are already available.

Messenger rooms gain prominence in the app

Facebook Messenger Rooms

This update for Messenger Rooms is focused on the mobile version. The rooms to which you are invited will appear at the top of the Chats section, where the stories are today. In fact, the button to add a new story will be replaced by the option “Create a room”.

Also in the app, it will be possible to choose the type of activity – happy hour, party, family reunion, study break – and schedule a future start date. It is easier to view, edit and delete rooms that you create; in addition to sending a notification to invite friends.

The new experience of creating and organizing rooms is already available in the iOS and Android apps, and will arrive on the desktop “in the coming months”, says the Facebook spokesman.

With information: Facebook, Mashable.

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