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The decision to hide the number of Instagram likes in Brazil and other countries has left many digital influencers in a panic, but maybe this is just the beginning: soon, the Facebook you can also hide the tan count in your news feed.

Facebook (Photo: Max Pixel)

Once again, the discovery was made by Jane Manchun Wong, a developer who is known for anticipating news from various social networks. She released screenshots of an experimental version of the Facebook app for Android that show sayings like “So-and-so” liked a certain post, but without the amount of likes being reported.

Wanted by TechCrunch, Facebook confirmed that it considers testing the removal of the count of likes, but gave no details about that plan. It is likely, however, that the decision is based on hiding the amount of likes on Instagram that is in effect in countries like Canada, Australia, Japan and, as you already know, Brazil.

When testing on Instagram started, Facebook argued that the change is aimed at making users stop worrying about the amount of likes and focus only on publishing their content.

But it is possible that this is also a way to increase engagement: many users delete posts when they receive few comments or likes and, not infrequently, they slow down the publications because of this; by hiding the number of likes, these users can feel more motivated to post.

Facebook without counting likes (Screenshots: Jane Manchun Wong)

Facebook without counting likes (Screenshots: Jane Manchun Wong)

Facebook also suffers from this “disengagement”. Among the various reasons that lead users to stop publishing on the social network is the impression that, because they get few likes, their content is not interesting. Such a test would make sense here, therefore.

If the company decides to carry out the plan, it should follow Instagram’s example and start testing in only a few countries. Which ones? This is one of several details that remain confidential.

It is worth remembering that YouTube made a similar decision: as of this month, the service will no longer display the exact number of subscribers on channels. The measure aims to reduce the pressure for numbers on content producers.

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