Facebook makes $ 40 million deal for inflating video numbers

There were so many controversies that the Facebook got involved in recent years that one of them was almost forgotten: in 2016, the social network was accused of inflating the audience of the platform’s videos. The company does not consider this to be a serious problem, but has agreed to pay $ 40 million to end the lawsuits related to the prosecution.

The problem revolves around a parameter that estimates the average viewing duration of videos published on the platform. For almost two years, Facebook discarded views that lasted up to three seconds from this metric.

With that, videos that started to play, but were discarded by the user right afterwards or were simply ignored during a scroll through the news feed did not enter the account.

Facebook (Photo: Max Pixel)

Several advertisers were furious when they discovered this approach. That’s because, by discarding views of up to three seconds, Facebook ended up making the average time for each video to be higher than it actually was.

From there, lawsuits came and, later, were transformed into a class action. Basically, advertisers claim that inflated numbers have made their campaigns more expensive: as a rule, ads are more expensive on videos that are viewed longer.

Faced with the controversy, Facebook began to consider all video views in the measurements, including those that last three seconds or less. But that did not stop advertisers from going to court to demand financial compensation.

After three years of comings and goings challenging the court cases, Facebook agreed to pay $ 40 million, but only to end the dispute. Even with the agreement, the company claims that the lawsuits “are without merit”.

With information: Variety.

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