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Facebook suffered an attack on its computer network that affected 50 million people. The social network logged out 90 million users, forcing them to log in again, but it still doesn’t know if there was a data leak. Hackers used a flaw that allowed them to take control of the profile of others.


In a statement, Facebook explains that hackers used a vulnerability in the “See how” code to see how your profile will be displayed to others. This allowed them to steal access tokens and then take control of the accounts. Tokens “keep people logged in so they don’t have to re-enter their password,” explains the company.

Therefore, Facebook reset the tokens of 50 million accounts that were affected by the failure. In addition, as a precaution, the social network canceled the tokens of over 40 million people who, in some way, were involved in the “See how” feature.

In total, 90 million people have been affected, and will have to log in again. They will see a notice at the top of the news feed explaining what happened.

Facebook says it does not know the origin or identity of the hackers, and is in the early stages of investigation. The company discovered the flaw last Tuesday (25), fixed the vulnerability, and contacted the authorities. For now, she doesn’t know if there was a data leak.

The “See how” feature has been temporarily disabled until Facebook completes a security review.

Facebook is hacked and forces 90 million users to log

Facebook disconnects users after being hacked

Since Thursday (27) at night, several users have been logged out of Facebook and Messenger, and need to log in again. Some report that they do not receive the SMS code for two-factor authentication; others are faced with a news feed full of old posts.

THE Down Detector gathers complaints about services like Facebook, and the number of complaints has peaked in the past 24 hours. 61% of users report having login problems. A map shows that Brazil is among the affected regions, as well as the USA and Europe.

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And there are strange problems, suggesting that Facebook is restoring old backups of your data. “Facebook logged me out, said my session had expired,” says a user at Down Detector. “When I logged in again, I saw a profile photo from years ago and a totally different feed.”

Complaints have been building up on twitter. Some users say they were suddenly logged out, but managed to get back to Facebook. Others report that they have been released more than once.

There are still cases where the login does not work. “I can’t log in to my account,” explains a user at Down Detector. “It says my password is incorrect, but it won’t let me recover it or reset it.”

Others are unable to receive the code for two-factor authentication. “It requires that I log in with a code sent to my cell phone, but I didn’t receive it”, reports a user at Down Detector. “I can’t access the code to log in. Your text messaging system isn’t working, ”says Carrie Black on twitter.

Have you been logged out of Facebook? Did you have trouble signing in again?


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