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In the past few days, the Facebook for iPhone was caught carrying the interface of the camera when the user opened images of the feed in full screen. The social network says it was a bug in the app for iOS, and that no photos or videos were captured because of this. The problem was corrected in the latest version, already made available by Apple on the App Store.

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It was like this: you touched an image in the news feed, or opened a profile photo, and it occupied the entire screen. When you slide your finger to minimize it, the camera interface appeared on the left side, showing what was in front of you. O Tecnoblog confirmed that this bug was present in version 246.0, running on iOS 13.2.2.

In the last few hours, version 247.0 was released for iOS, which no longer exhibits this behavior: when you close a photo, only black borders appear on the sides that disappear with an animation.

Guy Rosen, vice president of security and integrity at Facebook, says on Twitter that the camera bug occurred because the company tried to fix other bug. “Recently, we found that our iOS application opened incorrectly in landscape mode,” explains the executive.

“By correcting this last week in version 246, we inadvertently introduced a bug in which the application partially navigates to the camera screen when the user touches a photo,” says Rosen.

Facebook: we didn’t upload and camera didn’t capture anything

In a statement to the Gizmodo, Facebook is categorical in denying any kind of privacy violation: “the bug activated the camera view and, once triggered, it remained active until you touch another place in the application. At no time was the content of the camera preview stored by the app or sent to our servers ”.

The company continues: “We confirmed that we did not upload anything to FB due to this bug and we confirmed that the camera did not capture anything, as it was in preview mode”. Still, given Facebook’s history, many people were suspicious.

IOS does not allow apps to access the camera in the background, and warns you in a notification if a “closed” app is using the microphone. However, there is no alert if the app is in the foreground, open on the screen.

So if you want to restrict access to your camera and microphone, follow these steps:

  • go to Settings> Privacy;
  • touch Microphone and disable access to the apps you want;
  • return to the previous screen, tap Camera and do the same.

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