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O Facebook Dating is borrowing a feature from Tinder: users can add posts from Instagram your network profile; in the future, it will also be possible to include stories. In addition, the Secret Crush – which allows you to match your contacts – has been expanded to include Instagram followers.

Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating’s proposal can be a little confusing. Despite being integrated into the Facebook app, it doesn’t post anything on your profile. In fact, you need to create a separate “dating profile”, and you can use other photos to do so.

From now on, the dating profile will also allow you to display the photos from your Instagram feed – the same option exists on Tinder. On Facebook Dating, a user can select one of the images and send a private comment to raise the subject.

This feature will be expanded until the end of the year: the user will be able to include Instagram and Facebook stories in their Dating profile. This “makes it easier to meet people and start conversations based on their preferences and interests,” says the company.

Facebook Dating

Secret Crush includes Instagram followers

There is also the Secret Crush: you choose up to nine Facebook contacts that pique your interest. If they have a profile on Dating and include you in that list, it matches – then you can have a conversation within the app.

From now on, it will be possible to add Instagram contacts to the Secret Crush. It works the same way: you add an Instagram follower to the list; if he has a profile on Dating and does the same, it’s a match. If there is no mutual interest, neither party will know.

Facebook Dating

As you can see, the integration between Facebook and Instagram continues to increase. Dating was already available in 19 countries, including Brazil, and arrived on Thursday (5) in the USA. It will be launched in Europe by the beginning of 2020.

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