Facebook confirms instability in WhatsApp and Instagram this Wednesday | Internet

O Facebook blamed a “network failure” for the instability that affected his family of apps, including the Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp and WhatsApp Business. Users were unable to login, view feed posts, send messages and access Stories. The company says the problem is almost solved.

WhatsApp / Facebook / Pixabay

“A network failure caused problems for some people when accessing the Facebook family of applications – we investigated and almost solved the problem,” says the company in its official profile on twitter. “We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

On the website DownDetector, reports that Facebook fell were more frequent in Europe. Meanwhile, Instagram users in the U.S. seem to have been more affected by the network problem.

The failure in the applications also hit Brazil. “It’s not updating either feed or Direct,” says one user about Instagram. “I can’t post photos,” reports another.

Instagram on DownDetector

In Brazil, WhatsApp “does not carry status or comments”, says a user. Meanwhile, WhatsApp Business prevents access and does not display data saved in the application: “I lost all my store configuration, such as address, hours and the main one, my catalog with more than 50 products registered manually”, says one of the reports.

WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook unstable in 2019

In March, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram were down due to a server failure; some users still had access problems the next day. And in July, services went through yet another instability that took several hours to resolve.

It seems that this will occur more often as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are unified in the same infrastructure for sending encrypted messages.

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