Facebook buys startup that makes bracelet to “read” your mind | Business

Amid initiatives that defend the division of its properties, Facebook bought another company. The deal now involves CTRL-Labs, a startup that develops a bracelet capable of recognizing commands from your mind.

CTRL-Labs, Facebook's new property, demonstrated its bracelet in December 2018

CTRL-Labs, Facebook’s new property, demonstrated its bracelet in December 2018

CTRL-Labs is only four years old and has already received investments of US $ 67 million. The value of the acquisition was not revealed by Facebook, but according to Bloomberg, was between US $ 500 million and US $ 1 billion.

The deal will contribute to Mark Zuckerberg’s company virtual and augmented reality projects. That’s because the bracelet created by the startup allows users to control other devices through their neuronal activity.

The bracelet analyzes electrical signals generated by neurons when there is an intention to perform movements such as moving a mouse or pressing a button. It then turns them into digital signals that can be recognized by other devices.

“It captures your intention so that you can share a photo with a friend using an imperceptible movement or just intending to do it,” said Facebook’s head of augmented and virtual reality Andrew Bosworth.

“Your hands could be in your pocket or behind you,” explained CTRL-Labs CEO Thomas Reardon at a conference held in December 2018. According to the executive, “it is the intent [de se mover], not the movement ”that controls the bracelet.

Due to the agreement, the team with dozens of employees at the startup will be integrated into Facebook Reality Labs, a sector that develops augmented and virtual reality projects. The area also maintains the design of a brain-computer interface that seeks to transform thoughts into text.

In July, Facebook said its accuracy reached 76%. The company’s goal is to offer a system with quick commands like “select” and “delete”, in addition to the recognition of more than 100 words per minute.

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