Facebook app now allows you to remove red notification dots

If you open the Facebook and is annoyed by those little red dots that appear on the icons of functions like Marketplace and Groups, here’s some good news: now you can control what appears on the app’s shortcut bar and, with that, put an end to those notifications or the tabs you don’t want to see.

Facebook - shortcut bar (image: TechCrunch)

The information comes from TechCrunch, which discovered last week an option that allows users to remove guides such as Marketplace, Dating and Groups from the Facebook application.

Searched for by the vehicle, Facebook recently confirmed that it is providing all users with a configuration option for the shortcut bar that allows them to control what should appear there or not.

So, if you don’t use the Marketplace or Dating function, for example, you can remove them from the application interface simply by accessing the Shortcut Bar option in Settings.

This feature has already started to be made available to iOS users and, in the coming weeks, it will reach those who access Facebook through Android. It is already possible to remove each icon manually, however: just touch it for a few seconds and a box will appear asking if you want to remove that shortcut.

Removing Facebook shortcuts

In turn, the option to remove red dots from notifications is now available in the latest versions of the Facebook app, both for Android and for iPhone. To access it, just enter Settings and scroll the screen until you find the Notification Points option.

Removing red dots from Facebook

These measures fall into the “earlier than later” category. At least since 2018, Facebook talks about making its app more customizable, but what we’ve seen so far is a somewhat forced move to try to popularize platform features that are new or underused.

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