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O Facebook it’s the Instagram will make it clearer when a false news is posted in the feed or in the Stories: if the photo or video contains content that is considered fake by an independent fact-checking agency, it will be blurred and will have a warning that the information does not proceed. And whoever tries to post this type of content will receive a notice that this is fake news, with links to learn more about it. The new measures anticipate the 2020 presidential elections in the U.S.

Facebook and Instagram with fake news

Over the next month, Facebook and Instagram will label more prominently the content “that has been marked as false or partially false by an independent partner fact-checking agency”, as explained by the company in a statement.

The “false information” label will be shown over photos and videos, including on Instagram Stories; and there will be a link to the fact-checking agency denying fake news.

Besides that, if a user tries to post a photo or video with false information, it will be alerted with a new pop-up. There will be a link to the news checking agency, and the notice that the post will include a notice saying it is fake. It will be possible to share the post anyway.

Instagram and fake news

It remains to be seen whether this will be effective. Facebook has tried to put a warning on posts that link to fake news, only they ended up being more shared – the warning sign for fake news drew users’ attention, increasing engagement.

Checking whether a news story is true or not is time consuming. Until the checking agency denies fake news, it may have spread. So Facebook will temporarily reduce the distribution of posts that have signs of false content, while the verification is done to check the facts. This will happen “in many countries”, including the USA.

Proven fake news has reduced distribution on the Facebook news feed, and is removed from the Explore tab and hashtags on Instagram. The two social networks also decrease the reach of accounts that publish disinformation repeatedly.

However, Facebook won’t check political ad facts, nor will you remove them from the platform. It is a position that the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, defended last week.

Facebook will warn about government-funded sources

Facebook will warn you when news comes from an organization wholly or partly controlled by a country’s government. The definition was created with the contribution of more than 40 experts, and allowed to create a list called “State-controlled media”. In early 2020, the warning should also appear on Instagram.

Facebook does not want to be accused once again of interference in the US elections. The IRA (Internet Research Agency) brought together “professional trolls” to use social networks to support Russian actions in Ukraine; she also “started to defend the president-elect [Donald] Trump since at least December 2015 ”, says a CI report (United States Intelligence Community).

A study released by the US Senate found evidence of electoral interference from Russia via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Tumblr. This would have been done by the IRA, which has ties to the government of Vladimir Putin.

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