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O Facebook released the most recent edition of its Community Standards Application Report, which shows how many posts were removed during the second and third quarters of 2019 for violating rules of bullying, harassment, hate speech and more. O Instagram it was also included in the data for the first time.

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Between April and September, Facebook removed 5.7 million content that violated the rules of bullying and harassment, including posts, photos, videos or comments. They are publications “with the objective of degrading or embarrassing” someone else: there are a number of examples community standards, such as attacks by derogatory terms or threatening to disclose an individual’s phone number and address.

In the same period, 11.4 million contents were removed involving hate speech, defined as a direct attack on people due to their race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, among others.

Since the second quarter, Facebook systems automatically remove hate speech if they have a high degree of trust; this occurs when the content is identical or almost identical to text or images removed earlier. In other cases, the content is passed on for analysis by a team of humans.

In addition, Facebook deleted 11.1 million content involving support for dangerous organizations and individuals, such as Islamic State and Al Qaeda. The social network also removed 11.8 million items related to illicit sale drugs and weapons, which are part of the policy on regulated products.

And for the first time, the Instagram it is mentioned in the report within four categories, including controlled products and terrorist propaganda. The social network removed 3 million content on drug sales, 96,000 posts on illicit arms trade, and 240,000 items to support dangerous organizations and individuals. (There are no figures on hate speech, bullying or harassment.)

You can check out the Community Standards Application Report in full here.

Brazil made 5,700 data requests to Facebook

Facebook also released the number of data requests from governments. Between January and June of this year, Brazil made a total of 5,683 orders, comprising 19,593 users and accounts, the majority of which was due to a court decision.

Worldwide, public authorities made 128,617 requests for data to Facebook, up 16% from the second half of 2018. Of the total volume, the US makes up almost half of the requests (50,741); the other countries with the largest numbers are India, the United Kingdom, Germany and France. The full report this one.

With information: Facebook, CNET.

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