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Instagram is able to create automatic publications on other social networks whenever a new photo is published. To do this, you need to link the platform account with Facebook, for example. It is even possible to cancel the integration of the profiles, but even if that happens, they are still linked.

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A Facebook spokesman confirmed to Wired that it is not possible to actually separate Instagram and Facebook accounts. According to him, even if the profiles are unlinked in the application, the company still knows that they belong to the same person.

“As Facebook and Instagram share infrastructure, systems and technology, we connect information about their activities to our services based on a variety of signals,” explains the spokesman. “Linking or unlinking your accounts in the app does not affect that.”

The option to disconnect Facebook from Instagram appears in the settings area of ​​the social photo network. It also allows you to create or remove an integration with Twitter, Tumblr and other platforms.

Before ending the integration with the Facebook profile, Instagram even warns that “if you disconnect, it will be more difficult to regain access to your Instagram account if you need to”. Even though the process is completed, the accounts remain linked to Facebook.

According to the spokesman, Facebook is able to link profiles on its own even if they use different names, emails and devices. The company started to integrate the platforms shortly after buying Instagram in 2012.

The practice would be adopted to offer a “personalized experience” to users. With it, Facebook displays more precisely targeted ads and suggests groups of people the user follows on Instagram.

The information is revealed as Mark Zuckerberg’s company tries to make it clear that it owns Instagram and WhatsApp. Social networks now have the “Facebook” add-on on Google Play and the App Store.

At the same time, the idea of ​​dividing Facebook and its properties comes to have more advocates, including the co-founder of the social network, Chris Hughes. By signaling that it owns Instagram and WhatsApp, the company would be trying to signal that the division would be bad for users.

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