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THE TIM has just announced a flexibilization to enter the TIM Beta: prepaid customers who recharge at least R $ 30 for four months will receive an invitation to the plan, which delivers up to 20 GB per month of internet. In addition, the company launched the TIM + Advantages, a new loyalty program: users will have access to prize draws and a discount platform at partner stores.

TIM Beta Block

TIM gives internet bonuses before TIM Beta invitation

To get the invitation, it is necessary to download the TIM Beta application on App Store or Google Play, register and follow the missions, which basically consist of recharging at least R $ 30 per month for four consecutive months. Refills need to be made through digital channels, such as the TIM website, Meu TIM app, bank apps and digital wallets.

The customer will be able to join the TIM Beta only from the fifth month, with 10 GB of internet, 600 minutes for calls and free access to Deezer with a monthly cost of R $ 55. Anyone who accumulates points in the Blablablameter can become TIM Beta Lab , which gives you 20 GB of internet and 2,000 minutes of calls for the same price. It is worth remembering that the plan is expected to change in August, something confirmed by TIM Tecnoblog.

While not turning into TIM Beta, the customer remains at TIM Pré Top. In this case, the R $ 30 recharge entitles you to three weeks of using the TIM Pré Top, with 3 GB of internet, 9 GB to use at dawn and free access to WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. To use the entire month it is necessary to use a credit of R $ 50, which has 4.3 GB of internet, 12.9 GB to use at night, social networks released and free credit of R $ 7.14.

Remember that it is possible to accumulate more internet if the credits are placed by C6 Bank: with R $ 15, you guarantee 3 GB of bonus to use for 7 days. At TIM Beta, the R $ 60 top-up entitles you to 4 GB of internet for 30 days.

TIM + Vantagens gives discounts and draws

Another novelty is the TIM + Advantages program. To use the platform, you need to download the app to iPhone or Android, accept the conditions of use and recharge at least R $ 10. Customers are classified in the bronze, silver, gold or diamond categories; the levels vary according to the refills made, and the benefits also change according to the status.

Customers will have access to discounts at partner companies such as American, Burger King and Magazine Luiza, and coupons vary depending on the status of the program. TIM + Vantagens also has a “virtual game”, it is possible to collect tokens that can become discounts on smartphones or numbers for prize draws such as cars or motorcycles.

It is worth remembering that the same digital top-ups are used both for TIM + Vantagens and to get an invitation from TIM Beta. Ultimately, both campaigns encourage increased user spending.

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