Exclusive: Itaú releases additional cards on Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay | Cell phone

Who is not the first cardholder of the Itaú finally you can make purchases through Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. The bank informs the Tecnoblog that, as of Tuesday (3), all credit cards, debit cards and their extras can be enabled in digital wallets.

Itaú / Apple Pay

Itaú debuted exclusively in April 2018 at Apple Pay with credit cards. Months later, the financial institution started to appear on Samsung Pay and Google Pay. In the last month of April, after a long period of testing, debit and multiple cards were released in digital wallets. Unlike other banks, there is no differentiation by segmentation, so even basic cards can be registered.

Only the bank’s additional cards were missing, which are now supported with this latest update. According to the company, “100% of Itaú Unibanco’s credit, debit and additional cards may be used in Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay digital wallets”. The novelty applies to both Itaucard and Credicard cards.

According to Itaú, more than 2 million registrations have already been made with bank cards in digital wallets, which generated 25 million transactions using cell phones and smartwatches.

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