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Digital banks are the fashion of the moment. Proof of this is that even the magazine Faces promises to enter this field: in partnership with BTX Digital, Editora Caras intends to launch the Guys Bank coming soon. The service already has an official website and is currently accepting registration for a waiting list.

Guys Bank Card

When it comes into operation, Caras Bank will offer a free digital account, debit and credit card, withdrawals on the 24 Hours network, loans, card machines, cashback programs, financial applications, among other services.

So far, nothing surprising. What really calls attention is the association of the contract with the Faces: what is the relationship between a magazine focused on celebrities and a bank? None, except the appeal of attracting a clientele to the digital bank who has an appreciation for the universe addressed by the magazine.

It is not by chance that Caras Bank calls itself the “digital bank of the famous”. Apparently, the idea here is to attract or invite celebrities who, in turn, will eventually serve as a decoy for the service.

The reach potential does not appear to be small. The company says that in August, when the partnership between Faces and BTX Digital was announced, the Guys Bank received 12,000 registrations in just the first three days after the official website was launched. The expectation is that the digital bank will register 250 thousand accounts in the first year of operation.


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But Editora Caras will only enter the brand. The entire operation will be controlled by BTX Digital. The explanation is simple, although unusual: recently created by an investment group called RedLions Capital, the company acts as a “white label bank” service, that is, it provides a structure for other companies to launch their own digital bank.

Whether this is going to work is not yet known, but the expectation is not low. For you to have an idea, it is said that Caras Bank will have an investment of R $ 100 million to start its operators and at least another R $ 250 million may be spent in the first year on marketing alone.

Luis Maluf, director of Editora Caras, expects Caras Bank to start operating by next month. And it shouldn’t stop there: BTX Digital would already have contracts with other institutions to launch similar initiatives. It was said that the Universal Church was one of them, but this statement was contradicted by the Church itself.

Guys Bank

If more partnerships are confirmed, the operations of all of them will not necessarily be the same, changing only “packaging”. For each platform, BTX Digital explains that it will set up an economic group that can be composed of several companies. As a result, the types of services provided may vary.

For now, everything is nothing but promise. But it is worth keeping an eye on.

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