Even before iOS 13 is released, Apple already tests iOS 13.1 | Applications and Software

Yesterday (27) Apple released a trial version of iOS 13.1, just weeks before the likely official release of iOS 13. The list of changes that can be tested by developers includes improvements and bug fixes, as well as the return of features removed from current testing stage on iOS 13.

iOS 13.1

The curious thing is that iOS 13, which comes before 13.1, has not even left the test version and we already have a future variant available. Certainly Apple has encountered problems and does not want to delay the launch of the new operating system for iPhones and iPods Touch. At least the good thing about this unusual test is that bugs found will be quickly fixed.

In version 13.1 some features that have been eliminated from iOS 13 reappear, such as sharing arrival predictions through the Apple map app and automating Siri shortcuts. Another removal that reappeared was the sharing of audio between AirPods and PowerBeats Pro users. The idea is that the audio from an iPhone is shared with someone else’s AirPods, who use another iPhone – without sharing the headset.

There is no release date for iOS 13.1 yet, but if you have a developer account with Apple, you can now download it on your device.

With information: Engadget and 9to5Mac.

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