EU wants pre-installed apps on mobile to be removable | Legislation

The European Union wants to avoid headaches with bloatwares (those unwanted and non-removable pre-installed apps) in the very near future. Such software, usually added to the system by an operator or manufacturer, should be subject to exclusion if the next EU Digital Services Act (DSA) is passed, by the end of 2020.

Huawei P30 Pro

DSA’s main objective is to combat the monopoly of large technology companies, such as Amazon, Apple and Google, and contemplates several other aspects, such as the collection and use of user data for advertising and other purposes.

But it should also run into manufacturers like Xiaomi and LG, which usually install their alternative apps to Google’s system (with similar functions) on smartphones, without allowing their removal. Samsung also used to fill the interface with unnecessary applications until a few years ago – but until One UI is visually less “polluted”.

Law may facilitate uninstallation of unwanted apps

Bloatware has been much more uncomfortable, and nowadays it is relatively easy to uninstall these applications if you have a little knowledge about root. It is also possible to remove them without root with the aid of a Windows computer – or even disable them, which does not solve the problem with full storage.

With the new European Union law, it will probably be easier to uninstall these apps from the smartphone’s own interface, which is good news for most ordinary users.

On the other hand, manufacturers and operators may lose space to “push” their services to consumers (unless, of course, they are really interesting). Therefore, we can predict resistance from some companies in this regard before the law comes into force.

With information: XDA Developers

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