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The goose that laid the golden eggs laid again: a trailer with the gameplay of the expansion pack of The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu was released by Electronic Arts. The new content comes to Windows, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 8.

the sims 4 star wars journey to batuu expansion pack

Journey to Batuu is inspired by Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, an area of ​​Disneyland Resort (Anaheim, USA) and Walt Disney World Resort (Orlando, USA), in which visitors can “live their own adventure” in the saga.

Journey to Batuu has organizations instead of careers

In the Sims 4, the expansion pack takes players to explore this new area, providing encounters with characters from the franchise like Rey and Kylo Ren. You can even order a BB-8 – or another custom robot – to help your Sim progress their “missions”.

In Batuu, the traditional jobs of the Earth are exchanged by organizations that fight for control of the new planet: the Resistance, the First Order and the Cafajestes. The success of each of these groups depends on the player’s choice: supporting Rey and Vi Moraldi in the Resistance, promising to lead the First Order with Kylo Ren or earning credits with Hondo Ohnaka and the Cafajestes.

In the course of missions and promotions, Sims earn can earn to gain access to themed artifacts, equipment and new clothing from the Batuu area. Such items can be taken back to Earth for home decoration.

Yes, there is a lightsaber available for each player on this new planet, as well as flights on starfighters – which resemble the Millennium Falcon.


The expansion pack Star Wars: Journey to Batuu can be downloaded from September 8 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (Windows or macOS) via Origin or Steam. There is still no price informed on the platforms.

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